It's lovely to meet you! 

I began my photography journey many moons ago at University, I started my first ever semester with Photography 101 I figured it would be a bit of fun and helpful alongside the Fashion degree I was envisioning. Little did I know I was about to find everything I had been looking for creatively. I'd finally found my 'thing', the camera became my tool and enabled me to express my creativity in a way I'd never managed before. I promptly changed my degree major and graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Photographic Design with Honours.

Don't ask me to paint or draw anything - I am completely rubbish at best I can colour things in, but with a camera in my hand I see the world in a whole new light and coupled with my years of experience I know how to get your best angles, show off your love story in an authentic and relaxed way and document one of the most important day of your lives with confidence.

Working with me means you'll get so much more than a Wedding Photographer, you'll gain a friend and confidant, someone to advise on wedding planning if needed, and your own personal cheerleader. I pour my heart and soul into every wedding I photograph and my goal is to make sure you feel relaxed and confident that I've got your back, that your photos will last beyond a lifetime and will transport you back to your magical day every time you open your Wedding Album.

I'm Leana, a genuine kiwi girl in my mid thirties forgetting that I am not in my mid twenties anymore, engaged to the handsome and amazing Baptiste and Mama to my two kitties Marie and Béa and come December 2019 my first baby! 


Most days you'll find me working away in my little home office in leggings and a sweater, my two kitties next to me and a cup of coffee that's mostly gone cold close to hand. However on the best days you'll find me with camera in hand at a beautiful wedding in my element capturing moments, laughing with guests and getting down on the dance floor and honestly I could't think of a better place to be

I love cheesy shows on Netflix, coffee and my favourite meal is brunch! You can read me like an open book, I love giving hugs and the thing I love talking about the most in the world is your future wedding plans, I love getting caught up in the details of your day, lending a hand with ideas if you need them and being there for you on your big day not only as your photographer but as your friend!

I am so over the moon to announce that I